Frequently asked questions

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  • How can I log in to the web client?

    To log in to the PETE web client, ‘web access’ must be enabled in the app. You will find this setting in PETE under Settings > Web access.

  • On which devices can I use PETE?

    PETE is an app for your phone and available for Android and iOS (Apple). PETE is supported from version 4.4 on Android. iOS is supported from version 8.

    In addition to the app, you can also log in to your browser on PETE. In this web client you cannot use all the functions of the app.

  • What can I do with PETE?

    PETE is an app for education professionals. Whether you are a teacher, internal supervisor or director. Whether you are in the final year of the teacher training course or have been in the classroom for twenty years.

    The app first of all helps you to prepare a development plan. What goals do you want to work on? This is usually accompanied by a specific development process; such as participation in a Workshop of Driestar Christian University, and a specific course that you follow or your internship.

    Once you have established which goals you want to work on, PETE helps you achieve those goals. For example, by giving you suitable tips at the right times. These tips are primarily practical in nature: PETE helps you with minor behavioral changes. But also by keeping you in touch with your coach or supervisor, who gives you feedback and helps you further. Finally, we also believe that you should primarily develop together: with PETE you stay in touch with your colleagues or study buddies.

    By recording progression of your goals, completing goals, adding notes and asking for and processing feedback, you create a complete file of your personal development. This can be useful if you have to justify your development to a supervisor or study career supervisor.


  • Where does the name PETE come from?

    PETE pays homage to Piet Kuijt, the founder of Driestar Christian University. In 1944 he founded ‘De Driestar’, in which he brought together a group of young prospective teachers to learn, reflect and develop together. In the PETE app we still do this: bringing education professionals together to take the next step in our personal development.

  • I am a coach / trainer. Can I also use PETE?

    Yes, you can! Feel free to contact us.

  • What model does PETE use when drawing up plans and goals?

    The Reflection and development model for teachers and schools helps you as a teacher to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and to determine in which areas you want to develop further.This model was presented on 31 March 2017 by lecturer Neely-Anne de Ronde from Driestar Christian University.

    Watch a video with an explanation of this model here.

Privacy and data

  • Where is my data stored?

    The data that you share in PETE is first of all stored locally on your telephone. In addition, your data is stored encrypted on our servers. These servers are located in Europe. We do not share your information with other parties. We use a number of your personal data (such as your e-mail address) to contact you if necessary. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

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Whether you are just in front of the classroom or have been working in education for years, you still need to develop yourself. I notice that PETE gives teachers insight at all levels into their development.

Gerben Heldoorn // Driestar Christian University